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Server upgrade Case Study: Parkland Engineering

"Synthesis helped us save over £5,000 in hardware costs!"

The situation

When Newcastle manufacturing company Parkland Engineering Limited decided to replace their aging head office servers, they were first advised by their MRP software vendor that they would need two new separate file servers; one for their MRP software and another for their Domain controller.

The Company Directors were very concerned with the health of their servers.  Whilst they were keen to avoid problems which would occur if they suffered a hardware failure, they were equally keen to ensure they made the right decision in terms of which hardware they needed to buy - so they turned to Synthesis for advice.

How we helped

We reviewed their needs and found they would benefit from a single, high availability server with hardware redundancy which also utilised Virtual Environment technology. This would more than cater for their current and future software needs, whilst at the same time significantly reduce the capital costs and downtime which would be required as the project needed to be completed in a live environment.

“We were delighted with the advice we were given by Synthesis IT.  
It was definitely worth seeking their opinion. They saved us in excess
of £5,000 and carried out the entire project with minimal disruption
to the business.”  

Neil Colman of Parkland Engineering

Our advice is; always seek a second opinion from an independent perspective. There may be another solution that can save you money and/or bring other benefits to your business that may not be immediately apparent.

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