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IT Security

We help you to secure your data and IT systems

Increased use of the Internet and strategies such as Bring Your Own Device and remote working, have made the issue of business data security highly complex. No doubt these advances have heightened your concerns and increased your work-load involved in maintaining and managing data security.

As registered graduates and advocates of ethical hacking, we have a proven track record in specifying data security solutions designed to protect your business from external and internal threats. 

By helping IT Managers and Business Owners manage IT security we help to reduce the time they take away from the business and reduce risks and costs.

We can help you take a robust, all encompassing approach to prote

cting your business data and systems and help you to minimise the risk that malicious attacks, theft or malware and even your own employees can pose.

By working with Synthesis IT you can strengthen your IT defences and simplify the issues involved in maintaining a secure working environment. 

How can I make data backups simple? Look at our managed Cloud Data Backup Service.

Let us help you simplify IT security! Contact us to discuss your security needs. 

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