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Windows Phone Gains at Blackberrys Expense

Windows phone gains from Blackberry’s expense, it may have gotten off to a bad start in the starting years back in 2010, but now it is slowly starting to grow more and more popular with more people. This is because of its unique handling and operating system that many have warmed to since it was released. It does however have quite a long way to go to come up trumps with its competitors as of yet.

The Windows phone has been growing worldwide but particularly in the U.S. it has grown from 2.7% of the market in February 2012 to 4.1% of the market a year later. This is a small percentage of growth but it is enough to put them ahead of the well known company Blackberry. According to recent sources Blackberry’s market share in the U.S. fell from 3.6%in February 2012 to 0.7% in February 2013.

This is however not including sales of the Blackberry Z10, which went on sale in the US last month. It is the first Blackberry 10 Smartphone and will hopefully showcase what Blackberry is really capable of. Sales of the older Blackberry’s had dropped significantly seen as the consumers and enterprise users either jumped to competing platforms or decided to wait for the new blackberry coming out.

Windows phone made much bigger gains year over year outside the U.S. in Great Britain for example, windows phone more than doubled its market share from 3% to 6.7%. During the same allocated time, Android jumped from 48.3% to 58.3%; iOS then notched up from 28.9% to 29%, again blackberry fell from 16.8% to 5.1% which meant the company took a big hit.

In Germany, Android dominates with authority, android jumped from the 58.8% to 71% which is a giant leap compared to iOS who dropped from 21.6% to 18.7% whereas windows grew by 5%.

The biggest stir that the windows phone has caused though is in Italy where it holds 13.1% of the market, windows phone climbed up 7.7% between 2012 and 2013. Android is also running in competition that holds an impressive 57.1%.

At the end of it all it doesn’t matter about what market you’re in or what you look at here it is clear that Android is the winner, and iOS is second. Windows phone lands in third position in the UK, U.S., Germany, Italy and Australia!

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