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Windows 7 v Windows 10 – Is it worth the free upgrade?

Windows 10 Pro is currently available on a free upgrade. The catch? It runs out on 29th July 2016. So the question remains – Do you upgrade?


Windows 7 Pro

We’ve all encountered Windows 7 Professional. It’s trustworthy, reliable and we’re all pretty familiar with the set up. It was designed for desktops and laptops. In 2009, there was a sudden rise of smart phones and touch screen technology. Microsoft, responding to this, chose to implement Windows 8. This was an operating system (OS) focused on touchscreen capabilities . The new OS wasn’t always practical for the everyday office and business users. It took users time to get to grips with the new interface. The change was radical in comparison to Windows 7 Professional.

Windows 7

I could rattle off the benefits of Windows 7 Professional, but I imagine most of you are firmly familiar with the interface. Bear in mind that Microsoft will be closing the door on Windows 7 Professional extended support in January 2020. So eventually, there will be a need to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro in the next couple of years.

Windows 10 Pro

So what is the hype with Windows 10 Pro?

Windows 10 Start Menu

It incorporates both Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8 features. The return on the original start menu also features the tiles featured prominently in Windows 8. Don’t worry though, if you weren’t a fan of the tiles, these can easily removed.

Another additional feature includes Edge, the new and improved Internet Explorer. Edge has some pretty unique features. There is a tool that allows a user to annotate on webpages via their touchscreen or mouse. Gone are the days where you had to open up a browser to search the web. Windows 10 Professional allows you to search the web from the start menu.

Have you heard of Cortana? Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri. However, Cortana is no longer contained to the confines of a smart phone. She’s available on desktops and laptops too. Cortana will learn about you and how you like to work. You can personalise Cortana to improve the functionality of the service. Again, you can tailor Cortana to your preferences so you don’t feel like Cortana is spying on your life.


For those with Hybrid and convertible devices, Windows 10 Professional has created a ‘Continuum
Mode’. When you’re switching between the laptop and tablet, the OS’s will change automatically.

To upgrade or to not upgrade

The choice is yours…for now. To take advantage of the free upgrade, get in touch with us and we can advise you on the best way to do this.


– Remember your current software might not be compatible with  Windows 10 Professional and might need upgrading. This will come at great cost in time and money to your organisation.

– There’s only 2 weeks left to take advantage of the upgrade. After that, it will cost.

– Remember, Windows 7 Professional is being phased out and will no longer be supported by 2020.

Windows 10 Deadline

Monday, July 18th, 2016 by amy Stephenson About Us

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