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The Wonders of VoIP

VoIP might not be a hugely known concept as of yet, but it is there and it is incredibly beneficial if you know how to use it. Setting it up might not be the easiest thing, and it does require some additional hardware but that doesn’t really matter given how much it can save you… If you’re in a business you probably know how much phones are used; even small businesses are taking and making calls constantly in order to keep in contact with clients, suppliers, associates, employees and so on and so forth, so it isn’t surprising that you can find your phone bills a little high at times.

What isn’t as well known is that there are actually ways of using a phone for free, so long as you have the internet. As most businesses and homes have the internet anyway this can be considered to be basically standard, which means that all you have to do is connect phones to the internet and you have VoIP! To understand what this means first of all it is important to understand what Voice over Internet Protocol is – basically it means that rather that talking to one another using radio waves, you convert that signal into digital data and transmit it into an internet signal, which can be converted back at the other end. Because it uses the internet there are no pay by minute charges on the call and long distance call charges.

There are two options here, the first is to keep your existing standard analog phones and use an adaptor to connect it to the internet or purchase a specially produced IP Phone, this can come in both wired and wireless variations and connects directly to your internet connection without an adaptor. This is the generally preferred option for businesses as it offers a number of helpful buttons such as hold, call transfer and of course offers multiple lines.

What is less known is that even mobile phones can make use of VoIP, so long as your phone has a wifi signal you can download a VoIP app such as Zoiper to make calls using the internet rather than an actual phone signal. There are a range of apps that provide such services and can be accessed on the majority of smart phones. Even the popular program Skype could be considered a VoIP, has it can be used on a majority of devices to speak with another party using the internet rather than a phone signal, however unlike VoIP providers these apps won’t all you to use an actual desktop phone to make or receive a call.

For a number of years there have been advances in the integration between phones and the internet, including online services that send text messages. Of course as with any business there are often small charges associated with this however, because it uses the internet these charges could be paid online, meaning you never had to top up your phone and they generally did cost considerably less than what phone companies charge to perform the same action.

VoIP isn’t for everyone of course, there are the more traditional out there who would rather stick to the same known and trusted systems they have always used, however for a number of companies a cheaper and more technologically advanced alternative is a great opportunity for growth within the company.

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