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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Backup

There are a whole bunch of online backup companies available who can offer you countless backup solutions for all of your data.  There are however a number of advantages and disadvantages involved in the process. Find out what they are below.


Using online backup is very useful as it can be accessed from any computer other than your own.  This means that wherever you are you are able to access your data should you need to. It is particularly useful if you find that your computer is lost or stolen as you don’t need to worry about lost data too.

If you travel frequently for business meetings you may find one day that you have forgotten to pick up your laptop.  If this is the case there is no need for you to worry as you can access the work you need at the other end through using another person’s computer.  Using online backup can seriously help you out in what you may have thought to be a sticky situation.

The cost of using online backup varies depending on the company you use and how much backup you need. If however you only need a small amount you can get up to 2 GB worth of backup for free.

Most backup companies will make sure that your work is automatically saved to the server on a regular basis. This means that you don’t need to remember yourself to backup your data meaning that it is always well protected.

If you are worried about the server your work is saved to failing there is no need to be.  A good company will have redundant services put in place to ensure that all of your data is well protected even if their facilities are damaged.


There are always risks that your data can be hacked into regardless of the fact that it is online.  It is however unlikely that this will happen if the service provider you choose has high security measures.

Although small data storage, up to 2GB is free companies will charge monthly for anything over this. This can be expensive depending on who your provider is and over time it can come to more money than it would cost for a physical backup device.

To use an online backup server it is important to make sure that you remember your user name and password. Without this you will be unable to access your data unless they give you an option to change them.

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