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Small Business Technology Trends of 2014

One thing that we all know by now is taking a much more relied upon role in business operations is the cloud, which is currently used primarily for storage. As more and more of us are starting to adopt more relaxed work from home routines in the work place it is important that those who do work from home can access the required software and documents regardless of their physical location, this is exactly what cloud services enable to happen making it an effective and reliable sort of service regardless of the industry. Cloud services are generally very flexible and easy to set up, with a wide range of providers of cloud services cropping up all over the place it is an effective and surprisingly cost effective option for companies, particularly small businesses.

Mobile technology, as we all know, is not only here and here to stay but advancing every day and becoming a more prominent part of technology and business, as such it is important that businesses or every size are meeting the needs that come with this. Your website should have a mobile version; a few years ago you would have heard that every business should have a website, this is now a basic requirement of every organisation big or small, but a mobile version of that website is just as important these days. This is due to the fact recent estimations have shown up to half of the visits on your website could be coming from mobile devices.

Social media is the sort of thing a majority of us use personally today, however a number of businesses, in particular small businesses, could benefit from the use of social media more professionally. Social media provides you with an instant, informal platform on which to promote your business and offers within your business which can provide some huge benefits to your marketing strategy. There are also many potential customers and even potential employees who will look for your social media profiles as much as your websites.

Have you tried business blogging? Lots of businesses are failing to see the potential marketing and SEO benefits of running a blog on your website. One thing that people and search engines love to see you doing is adding regular, relevant content to your website and a blog is effectively that; new, useful, informative and relevant information on a regular basis. Of course whether or not you decide to run a blog will depend on whether you are confident of your writing, whether or not you think you will have something new to tell your visitors about on a regular basis and so on. Regardless of whether you decide to blog on behalf of your website or just comment occasionally on other blogs it is clear that blogging is a big and popular thing and that isn’t slowing down during 2014, though some trends for a particularly informal basis are leaning towards micro-blogging rather than full article writing.

2014 is almost certain to be a year of mobile technologies; there are so many mobile devices from phones to tablets and of course laptops and you no longer need to be in a building to use them for connecting to one another or the internet; tablets, phones and laptops can now be supported independently on mobile phone networks using dongles and data only sim cards for 3G and of course now 4G internet; even if you only have this on your phone you can turn it into a wifi hotspot and connect your other devices. Businesses around the world are making the most of these benefits for more mobile and convenient working conditions regardless of physical location; coupled with cloud services this provides you with virtual office potential no matter who you employ or where they are.

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