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HP Envy x2 Review: Windows 8 Tablet or Laptop? Try both!

The new HP Envy X2 claims to offer the best of both tablet and the laptop world by combining them into one. However can any hybrid device really do that? Read this review to find out whether you like it and want to experience the best of both worlds.

This is one of the better convertible devices that have seen the platform of windows 8 put onto it, with a great design that is ultimately the most practical because it works well as both a tablet and a laptop, it even comes with an excellent battery life.

At a swift glance the HP Envy x2 Design looks like a compact, 11 inch ultra book – one that has been sat down and designed with skills and you in mind, not just another Apple Macbook Air look alike. It becomes much more impressive, when you realise that the keyboard and the screen both contain batteries. With the simple flick of a switch you can detach the screen and use it on its own as a tablet.

The screen is also excellent from every angle, with a 1366×768 resolution and an IPS panel that produces an extremely bright and detailed image. It also features beats audio speakers however they aren’t as good as expected with hardly any bass at all.

The keyboard dock that it features is a great invention, when you get back to work you can simply reconnect the screen and keyboard and you got a neat little laptop. The compact design of the keyboard and touch pad are both comfortable to use being surprisingly easy to manoeuvre around and do things on. The keyboard includes a pair of USB 2.0 ports – no USB 3.0 unfortunately but does also feature a HDMI port and an SDXC memory card slot.

The battery life is impressive, this lives up to the HP claim of seven hours when streaming video from BBC iPlayer, of course there is a second battery in the keyboard which provides an additional seven hours of battery life. This is a good USP because no other ultra book weighs a similar amount and can claim to last this long.

The memory and speed is also just as good offering up a modest 2GB of memory and 64GB of solid state storage. It also runs at a speed of 1.8GHz thanks to the Intel Atom.



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