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Emergency Battery Life

We love portable devices, and we use them on a daily basis, but one of the biggest problems that we face with our selection of mobile devices is that they offer us a limited battery life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with a mobile phone, tablet, e-reader or laptop, they often suffer from a low battery capacity that is a little less than convenient. Often right when you’re in the middle of something and far away from a charger.

There are of course some solutions available that can help to prevent this from becoming a particularly big problem for you. These are available in the form of emergency battery chargers, which offer a variety of sizes and types suitable for a selection of different devices. In order to get a more basic and effective result the charger the most effective selection is a standard portable power bank, which is charged then carried around with you, often offering multiple ports for power, including laptop power ports and USB ports.

Of course there are considerations to take into account when selecting these, the amount of power they hold and watts they output does have an impact on how they can be used. Many of the standard emergency phone chargers available on the market simply don’t have the power to charge a laptop, and some of the chargers designed to provide emergency power to laptops are too powerful for use on phones. The balance is hard to accomplish and requires the use of intelligent technology which controls the amount of power given depending on the device that is connected, devices capable of this are generally more expensive; in general it is actually more cost effective simply to have multiple chargers, one for mobiles and tablets, and one for laptops.

There are a number of options on the market, particularly with phone chargers, which are smaller, more compact, more portable and in a number of cases more inventive. There are a number of options such as the SOS hand crank charger, which allows you to charge the phone by turning a handle in order to generate power, this is a popular selection for the very outgoing customers who may not be able to charge their emergency charger the way you would charge a power bank.

A popular trend when it comes to the emergency phone chargers are the eco options, which provide a variety of creative and effective designs to keep you running, including;

  • Solar Chargers – there are a few variations of these, big and small, on the market, with a selection of different features and of course some proving to be a little more functional and effective than others. Some are more portable than others, and generally they work best if they can be left in the sun for a while when charging a device, preferably in one place with direct sunlight; perhaps an ideal option if you have the window seat on a train or in the office and want to let your phone charge.
  • Pedal Powered – cyclists should definitely take a look at some of the pedal powered chargers that attach to the front wheel of your bike and use the rotations to generate power. These can be a fantastic way of charging your phone while you’re on the go, and there are a few different varieties of the pedal powered characters available.
  • Wind Powered – these can be a very effective option and are often combined with solar power designs to ensure they are more effective at charging. Some window powered chargers can also make and excellent option for mounting on a bicycle, as the air resistance when cycling can be used to generate the power.
  • Hand Crank Chargers – these have been around quite a while and offer one of the most reliable options for an emergency charger, using your own strength to generate energy rather than depending on natural resources like wind and sunlight. These can be carried and used anywhere, making them an effective selection for just about anyone.
  • Special Chargers – there are other chargers that don’t fit into the main categories, such as the fuel cell charger from Powertrekk, which uses a fuel cell and water to generate power. The process is very simple but very effective, making this a popular selection for campers and travellers.

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  • […] Where better to start than the aforementioned tablets and charging. A portable charger is vital for day trips and emergency top ups in the era of smart devices. We’ve had good experience with Anker chargers. You might be tempted by solar chargers, but they don’t actually generate much charge and rely on being charged from the wall. So do without the gimmick. We’ve spoken about this sort of thing back in 2014. […]

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