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Email Tips

Sorting through your Monday morning mail – that tedious task we’d rather not do. It’s often SPAM, emails you can’t remember subscribing to or just irrelevant work natter that didn’t really require an email!


To help you manage your inbox load, we’ve provided a couple of hints and tips to help you maximise your productivity, security and avoid that Monday morning drag!

  • First up – Never open attachments from unknown sources! You’re asking for trouble by opening the email. If you’re not aware of the sender or weren’t expecting it, just click delete and get rid. There are some horror stories I could tell you about opening unknown attachments, but I won’t scare you today….Just click delete if you’re unsure!


2.So you arrive at work on Monday morning, still thinking about how quick the weekend disappeared…Anyway, you arrive to a mailbox full of potential junk. Rather than spending the time to read each email individually, scan through the list and flag anything that you don’t need to prioritise. Don’t let your mailbox become your number 1 priority!

3.When you do read an email, follow the one click rule – Reply, forward, delete or archive.

4.Archiving v Deleting – It doesn’t matter which method you use, as long as you’re not hoarding emails you’ll probably never read or refer back to again. Don’t become an email hoarder.


5.If you’re constantly getting mail from a subscribed source, just unsubscribe! If you do sign up to a lot of subscription emails then use an alias email and look at the emails in your lunch break or when you’ve reached the 3pm slump.

6.Have you ever sent an email without reading it and realised it’s just littered with a tonne of mistakes? Me too. Don’t put the recipients email in till you’ve reviewed it. That means you can’t be an eager beaver and send it without reviewing it.

These are just some of the tips and tricks we’ve collated to get you out of the email slump – what are tips? Comment below

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Monday, June 20th, 2016 by amy Stephenson About Us

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