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Can Your Business Actually Recover Unscathed From a Real Disaster?


Is your business ready to face a disaster?

As much as we may kid ourselves that we are protecting our businesses by regularly backing up our data; without the server hardware to restore the data backup to, along with the network, computers and other necessary office equipment to process it, the data on its own is not much use. The business will be suffering and losing ground quickly in the event of a business interrupting disaster.

In such an instance, it is vital to be able to operate as though nothing has happened (at least to your customers and suppliers) as quickly as possible – ideally the next business day but so much better if this can be achieved within minutes.

In response to this critical need, we are delighted to offer clients access to our fully equipped Disaster Recovery Suite, branded as ‘The Recovery Room‘  as the latest addition to our Network Trust package of business network support products.

Our Network Trust customers already know that the most important part of their business – their data and IP is in the safest hands. Day to day its usage is within their own network of computers and servers which are looked after by our team of experienced ICT professionals. Every day, that same data is being seamlessly and automatically backed up to our own military grade encrypted Cloud Safe backup servers. Now, with the addition of The Recovery Room, we have closed the circle. Should our customer require it, there is a state of the art, fully equipped office with servers, PC’s, printers, high-speed internet connection and furniture at their disposal and ready to have the most recent data backup restored to it.

Service features

  • Dedicated private office space
  • Fully furnished with PC’s, telephone system, printers and server
  • Ready to use at literally a moments notice
  • Able to accommodate up to 20 staff members
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Free parking and within 200m from North Shields Metro Station, easy for you and your employees to access
  • On-site access to your ICT support providers
  • Access to meeting rooms


  1. Prevents revenue loss as a result of the issue
  2. Eliminates business reputation loss
  3. Speeds Up Disaster Recovery Time
  4. Instills greater confidence in your business and services from your customers
  5. Can be used as a real benefit in your own marketing and sales efforts
  6. Boosts employee confidence and morale in your organisation
  7. Lowers Insurance Premiums


We would love to discuss your own requirements and see how Network Trust, CloudSafe, and The Recovery Room could benefit your business. You are good at what you do – you should focus your efforts doing more of it. Leave the management of your data to us.

For more details, you can contact Synthesis-IT at  0191 270 4370 or alternatively email


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