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Data Storage and Sharing is Changing

Let’s face it; people want everything to be wireless, and who can blame them? The world is full of cables and wires and the more they need to be used the worse their condition, the cables that connect everything to everything else become worn and need to be replaced, and the areas of the devices where the cables connect become damaged and worn over time. Overall one of the main problems we have with our computers, phones, tablets and e-readers are generally related to cables in some way, which is one of the reasons the concept of wireless charging impressed people so much.

But is that all we can do to remove cables from the equation? Data is the thing we transfer wirelessly the most, and yet if you don’t want to use the internet to do it you need a cable, why has there never been a wireless option for data transfer? There were points when the idea of giving a computer Bluetooth and allowing it to connect with mobile devices and Bluetooth devices that way was considered brilliant. These days of course Bluetooth is almost never used, accept perhaps to connect your phone to the satnav or hands free system. But up until now there has never been a commercially available wireless storage device.

That is changing. SanDisk have recently announced their new range of wireless storage devices, the smallest devices available and allow you to connect with tablets, smartphones, laptops, computers or USB adaptors and all are able to access the files and upload files to the device, best still this is capable of supporting up to eight connections at any one time and boasts a battery life of up to four hours while supporting wireless connections.

If you’re on the go all the time and often find yourself passing documents and data from one device to another, fussing with your flash drive, having to try multiple USB ports and so on all the time then this is probably an ideal solution for you. Sadly however this technology is not here just yet; while there are some big and bulky wireless data storage options already on the market the SanDisk options are not yet available. The Wireless Media Drive is expected to be launched in August this year, however the flash drive won’t be seen in stores until the final portion of 2013; but it might make the ideal Christmas gift if you’ve been stuck on what to get.

The world is becoming obsessed with wireless, everything needs to be able to be done on the move now as we lead much more technology reliant lives. It wasn’t that we never did work outside of the office or home in the past, or even that our work was less demanding in the past, it was simply that we didn’t rely on technology as a means of completing all of our work in the past. However; as technology becomes more and more essential to completing your day to day business activities regardless of where you are we have no alternative but to make technology more mobile, more suitable for travel, more easily available and more reliable in mobile conditions. This is exactly where wireless storage options such as these will prove themselves to be so effective.

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 by admin About Us

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